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Cherry Nutrition
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Flathead Lake Cherry Growers

Cherry Nutrition

There is considerable evidence that eating cherries, in addition to providing a pleasant tasting experience, also contributes to good health.

Did you know that a pound of Sweet Cherries Provides:
__Calories (286)
__Protein (5.3 Grams)
__Fat (1.2 Grams)
__Carbs (71 Grams)
__Calcium (90 Milligrams)
__Potassium (780 Milligrams)
__Vitamin A (40 IU's)
__Iron (1.6 Milligrams)
__Phosphorus (78 Milligrams)
__Milligrams of Ascorbic Acid (41 Milligrams)
__Milligrams of Niacin (1.7 Milligrams)
(Source:United States Department Of Agriculture)

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Flathead Lake cherry Growers
Flathead Lake Cherry Growers
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