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Flathead Lake Cherry Growers

Retail Sellers Information


Some FLCG member orchards offer the following:
---RS=Has Roadside Stand where you can buy cherries
---SO=Will ship smaller orders to other areas.
---UP=Allow you to pick cherries in their orchard
They are located all around the Flathead Lake Region
---(WB)=Woods Bay Area-------(YB)=Yellow Bay Area
---(BB)=Blue Bay Area----------(LS)=Lakeside Area
---(DR)=Dayton-Rollins Area--(FP)=Finley Point Area
---(PL)=Polson Area

Following are FLCG member growers--where they are located--and the services they offer. Use the codes above to determine your orchard choice--the services you are seeking--and call them for driving directions.

---406-490-0366 (YB)-Chamber's Cherries (RS)
---406-982-3037 (YB)-Kuntz Family Farm (RS)
---406-982-3326 (YB)-Zavala Orchards (RS)
---406-261-3180 (BB)-Blue Bay Orchard (RS)
---806-395-0335 (FP)-Hoots Hollow Orchard (RS) (UP)
---406-490-8490 (YB)-Best Flathead Cherries Orchard (RS)
---406-982-3242 (YB)-Covington Orchard (RS)
---406-982-3275 (YB)-Gary Hoover Orchard (RS)
---406-360-7320 (LS)-Cherry Haus (RS)

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Flathead Lake cherry Growers
Flathead Lake Cherry Growers
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